02 July, 2015

Stripes for the Fourth of July


With the Fourth of July nearly upon us
what better way to celebrate than decked out in stripes.
Stripes are perfect for summer get-togethers and celebrations ~
they always manage to look casually chic.

Melissah xox

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01 July, 2015

Colour Inspiration | Summer Blues




Today is all about taking inspiration from the ocean.

Not that I am feeling blue but because I think blue is the perfect summer color.
 Indigo blue, washed blue, ocean blue, denim blue … I love all these shades!
Perfectly happily on it's own or teamed back with white
for a crisp, fresh approach.
Blue also works a treat in combination
with just about any other colour.

Melissah xox

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30 June, 2015

Coastal Bedroom

Get The Look

Sleep tight in this peaceful sanctuary.

A bedroom should be restful, peaceful and calming.
A place of tranquility and comfort.
I have just bought a very fancy sheepskin electric blanket with six heat settings ~
it was expensive but it's total luxury.
Not only is it soft and warm but I've been having the best sleeps
 because I've never too hot or too cold.
Other factors that I think really make a bedroom a sanctuary is ~
lovely quality bedlinen, soft lighting,
good heating and cooling, attractive surroundings and beautiful candles.   

Melissah xox

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29 June, 2015

Decorate your Home Like a Montauk Hotel

The Surf Lodge Hotel Montauk 

The Surf Lodge Montauk Hotel Decor 
The Surf Lodge Montauk Hotel Room

The Ruschmeyer's Montauk Hotel Room

The Corw's Nest Inn Montauk Hotel Room

The Surf Lodge Montauk Hotel Deck


Take your design cue from the Montauk Surf Lodge

I would love to head to the Hampton's this summer and stay a night or two at the Montauk Surf Lodge. Part hipster hangout, part fisherman’s lair and part bohemian retreat, this establishment is understated, groovy and up-to-the-minute to please the most cutting edge and cosmopolitan crowds. Hotels like these are redefining hospitality standards in the Long Island beach locale creating a very cool niche market of boutique hotels for discerning travellers. Looking for some inspiration? Then the Surf Loge has heaps of funky beach ideas to steal or simply inspire. I love it's surf shack appeal, rustic finishes and attention to detail.

Melissah xox

Images via Savy Home Blog, fashion by Coastal Style

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28 June, 2015

Love The Sea

 Nordic Living

Since moving to the coast I have learnt to appreciate the simple things in life like ~ 

white sand and windswept beaches
the ever changing moods of the sea
good coffee in the morning
farm fresh eggs and home grown veggies
sourdough bread with homemade jam and
of course my beautiful beach house
with it's ocean view.

Melissah xox

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